Procedure for IP Creation

The procedure of IP creation should be as per guidelines laid down in the IPR policy document of the Institute. Some basic features of this process in steps are as follows.

1. Patent Search

May be started from the initial stage of formulation of problem and preparation of project proposal to ensure the novelty of the proposed work. Finally the novelty and innovativeness of the successful creation of IP should also be justified by patent search.

2. Record Keeping

All data of any research work and details of creation should be systematically recorded in the concerned department under the facilities ascertained by the head of the department.

3. Submission of the Invention Disclosure to Dean SRIC

Immediately after the recognition of the creation under institute supported resources, it should be supported promptly to the institute using the prescribed invention disclosure form.

4. Implementation of Decision of Patenting through recommendation of IPAC

Dean SRIC is responsible for implementation of recommendation of IPAC.

5. Institute Support for Drafting and Filling of IP Application

The necessary support of drafting and filling of IP application of a creative work will be provided by the institute if it opts to protect the creation.

Flow Chart