A strong ground motion sensor

Name of the inventor: Govind Rathore, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Ravi Sankar Jakka, Dr.Mukat Lal Sharma, Dr. Kamal (EQD, DES)

Application number:202111061557(IN)

Date of Patent Filing: 29.12.2021

Summary: The present invention relates to a low-cost accelerometer sensor, which is an EEW sensor. The strong ground motion sensor operates with solar light has a dual mounting facility. The sensor has inbuilt SIM card support for providing Internet Connectivity. It works as a simple data recorder or as an onsite earthquake early warning system or as a sensor to transmit real-time strong ground motion data to one or more servers or as a siren/relay for regional EEW system or as a combination of these. Three LED lights have been provided for quick information about the status. The sensor is provided with a web-based portal for configurations.