A method of recovering sulfur from industrial solid wastes/sludge

Name of the Inventor: Vimal Chandra Srivastava and Vikash Singh(CHED)

Application Number: 202111046070(IN)

Date of Patent Filing: 09.10.2021

Summary: The present invention relates to a method of recovering highly pure sulfur from industrial solid wastes/sludge rich in sulfur. The sulfurrich industrial waste (2) is heated in the heating/evaporation unit (1), maintained between the melting (≈119°C) and boiling point (≈445°C) of sulfur. The one end of the heating/evaporation unit (1) is connected to the flow controller (4) to acquire the desired gas flow rate, and the other end is connected to the condenser (6) to cool down the evaporated sulfur vapors (Fig 1). The recovered sulfur can be directly used for various industrial and agricultural applications without any further purification.