A low-cost earthquake early warning siren (EEWS) for home/office

Name of the Inventor: Govind Rathore, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Ravi Sankar Jakka, Dr. Mukat Lal Sharma, Dr. Kamal (EQD, DES)

Application number: 202111062011(IN)

Date of Patent Filing: 30.12.2021

Summary: The present invention relates to a low-cost earthquake early warning dissemination siren for home/office, which could alert people at home or small offices by receiving an early warning from a warning server. A digital clock and temperature sensor has been included in this siren for increasing the utility of this siren. The siren also consists of a low-cost MEMS-based accelerometer, which enables this siren to stream the real-time strong ground motion data to a data server. The transmitted acceleration data could be used to get information about the acceleration levels during the earthquake as well as for real-time earthquake detections also.