A dual-chamber gas analysing system and method for selective gas sensing

Name of the Inventor: Kaushik Pal, Keerti Rathi and A. Naveen Kumar (MIED and CON)

Application Number: 202111038777(IN)

Date of Patent Filing: 26.08.2021

Summary: The present invention relates to a system and method for a testing chamber with a provision of selective gas separation membrane for selective gas sensing and a heating element for testing the fabricated gas sensor at different temperatures. The dual-chamber gas analyzer’s comprises two chambers (1), membrane set up (4a) with gas separation membrane slot (4), to separate the selective gas from mixed gases. Inlets are arranged for thermocouple (6), electrode wire connections, and pressure gauge on top of the box. The connecting pipes (2) are provided for gas inlet and outlet. Computer-controlled pneumatic valves (3) controls flow rate of gases by controlled opening and closing the gas inlet and outlet, the vacuum creation system. The heating element (5), and thermocouple (6) are provided for measuring the temperature.